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A Rock Sails By

Dr. Lynn Cummings, an astrophysicist, tries to bring science and faith into balance while grappling with personal questions, reconnecting with her daughter, and mourning the loss of her husband. When an unidentified object is discovered heading toward Earth, a less-than-reputable online magazine misquotes her, casting doubt on her credibility. The two-time Nobel Prize nominee and the ambitious journalist monitor the mysterious object. Dr. Cummings hopes to witness nothing remarkable and thus save her reputation, but there is no telling what she will discover beyond the stars.

1 Man, 2 Women, 2 Gender non-specific, 1 flexible set

The Tin Woman

This is the story of a woman, Joy, who receives a heart transplant and her eventual meeting with the family of the donor, Jack.

Our main characters–Joy and Hank, the father of the donor, struggle with the new directions their lives are now taking.

Hank’s wife, Alice, and daughter, Sammy, cope in different ways, trying to understand why things happen the way they do.

Unacknowledged grief, remembrance and surprising humor lead these four to new connections after this life-changing event.

4 Women, 2 Men, 1 flexible set

Making God Laugh

Making God Laugh is a family comedy that takes place in four scenes, each ten years apart, set at various holidays. Starting in 1980, the newly “launched” kids – a priest, an aspiring actress, and a former star football player – all return home, where we learn of their plans and dreams as they embark on their adult lives.

The “empty nest” parents contend with their own changes too, as old family rituals and dubious recipes are trotted out and ancient tensions flare up. Over the course of thirty years’ worth of celebrations – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and Easter – we see how, despite what we may have in mind, we often arrive at unexpected destinations.

As Woody Allen once said “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans…”

Beer for Breakfast

Four middle-aged buddies reunite for a “guys’ weekend” — complete with old music, cheap beer and enough cholesterol to stop Superman’s heart. These guys are out to prove they’ve still got it, so they are going to party like it’s 1979! It’s all going well until one of them doesn’t show up…but his wife does. Snowed in overnight, an epic struggles ensues: will man be judged the superior sex or will woman prevail? Will love triumph or will the old grudges win? And finally, perhaps most importantly, if Doritos are made of corn, why can’t they be considered a serving of vegetables?

Married Alive!

“Married Alive!” is a funny and touching musical that looks in on two married couples, one newlywed and one oldly wed. From babies to empty nests, job stress to domestic bliss, it’s fast paced and acerbic but always affectionate. As one patron put it, “A hoot with a heart!” “Married Alive!” is a funny, loving outrage and all it takes is four actors and a piano to go on this journey from Niagara to Viagra. Playscripts, Inc.

2 Men, 2 Women, 1 Piano, 1 flexible set

Another Night Before Christmas

“Twas the night before Christmas…” and there’s a burglar in the house. Or is it someone with an unusual attachment to reindeer? ANBC is a two person, one piano, family musical comedy about a right jolly old elf, a less jolly young woman, and an old wish finally coming true. Find the true meaning of Christmas, or maybe just laugh like a bowl full of jelly! Playscripts, Inc.

1 Man, 1 Woman, 1 Piano, 1 Set

A Dog’s Life

This hilarious, warmhearted new musical chronicles the joys and challenges of dog ownership. But just who owns whom?

When Joel adopts Jack the dog at the pound, he soon realizes life will never be the same. Dog parks, trips to the vet, separation anxiety – it’s all here in a celebration of the inseparable bond between man and mutt.

A DOG’S LIFE is a four person, one piano musical for animal lovers and those waiting to fall in love, laughing all the way.

As Long As We Both Shall Live

Addison Ashe is smart, like, “super powers” smart. Despite all that, she’s never had too much luck with the guys… until now! She’s set to marry the man of her dreams, but mysterious mayhem threatens to cancel their nuptials. You’ll find out that it’s murder to make marriage work these days in As Long As We Both Shall Live!

Phantom of the Country Opera

It’s a splashy, hilarious Country-Western send-up of the classic tale of horror, “The Phantom Of The Opera!” Filled with irreverent wit, painful punning, sly contemporary references and more than a touch of the absurd, this shameless romp is a bit like The Nashville Network on acid. And with an unforgettable score that runs the gamut from Grand Opera to Country to Broadway ­ including a little ditty called “Hog Butcher’s Daughter” ­ “Phantom Of The Country Opera” has audiences tapping their toes and rolling in the aisles.

Cast: 11-20
Orchestra Size: Small to Medium
Published by: MTI